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Sit and Entertain Me Award

This is the most general award and the most commonly given. Your site compels me to look around for a while. 

"Sit and entertain me" is a quote from Khan in the Star Trek episode - Space Seed. I would like to thank Charles R. Kaiser and Ruth Stout for the Khan pictures!

Killer Klips Award

This award is for sites offering free clip art. The images have to be original, well organized and easy to download. I don't like seeing the same images over and over again. I have a major peeve about pop-up windows. I have been to some clip art directories that have pop-up windows that lead to yet more directories ad infinitum. Please let me leave your site without having to close several windows.

Cool Toon Award

This award is for web sites dedicated to cartoons. They can be fan sites or sites devoted to original cartoons. Comic strip sites are included in this category. Information sites must be up to date. Comic strips should indicate when they are updated (weekly, daily, monthly, etc.). For comic strips, the site and the strip are both evaluated.

Rusty's Cool Dog Award

This award is for sites dedicated to dogs. The sites can be devoted to specific breeds, rescue groups, training, dog activities, shows, shelters, performing dogs, products, guide dogs or even individual dogs. Must have some pictures of dogs. I will admit, it takes more effort not to win this award than to win it. Good dog pictures will melt my heart and make me very generous with my evaluation. 

Great Art Site Award

This award is for sites that showcase art. Paintings, sculpture, drawings or original music. Can be a showcase for other artists or your own work.

A Better World Award

This award is for sites that promote awareness and action concerning social issues. This would include sites concerning justice, poverty, environmental concerns, religious tolerance and censorship.

Award of E-commerce Excellence 

I have been getting some applications from some good commercial sites, most of them small businesses. The existence of this award does not nullify my no MLM rule. If you have one of those "get rich, without any effort" sites please do not bother applying. It is a waste of my time. It is also a waste of your time because I am already rich. To qualify for this award your site must offer a legitimate product or service in exchange for money. The site must be easy to use, offer a good selection of your particular product and provide detailed descriptions.

Salvador's Award of Avian Excellence 

This award is for bird-related sites. The site can be about pet birds, wild birds, bird rescue and even individual birds. Must include pictures of birds. This one is also harder not to win than to win. I am a sucker for pictures of pet bird antics.

Fantastic Fan Site
Fantastic Fan Site

Honors web masters who show their passion for a singer, show, actor, musician, artist, sports team, athlete or any person or thing through a well designed website.

Bookmark Award of Excellence

For sites that I like so much that I actually bookmark them. I usually come across these sites in my web travels and it is generally given unsolicited. If you apply for one of the above awards and I decide I like it enough to bookmark it, then your site will be upgraded to this award. I am quite picky about what I bookmark. I send not only the award but also comments as to why the site won this award. The winners of this award have their banner or logo displayed on the winner's page. This award is the most difficult to win.
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