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The 26th Amendment lowers the United States' voting age from 21 to 18.
South Vietnamese forces begin an offensive in Cambodia with American support, but are repulsed after six weeks; the United States reduces its troops in Vietnam to about 200,000.
Chinese defense minister Lin Pao attempts a failed coup against Mao Zedong and is killed in a plane crash. China is officially seated in the United Nations and launches its first space satellite.
Masterpiece Theater, All in the Family, and The Electric Company premiere on television.
Soviet dissident Andrei Solzhenitsyn receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.
The Supreme Court upholds a measure to bus children in order to enforce integration in schools; a bussing plan imposed in Austin, Texas, draws the criticism of Alabama Governor George Wallace, who had previously urged southern senators to defy integration.
Soft contact lenses (invented in 1962) receive FDA approval.
Cigarette sales top $540 billion despite a partial ban on cigarette advertising. A report from British experts likens the mortality rates from cigarette smoking to that of virulent cholera or typhoid epidemics.
Concerned about inflation, President Richard Nixon announces a ``New Economic Policy'' that includes a 90-day wage freeze, the imposition of a 10% import surcharge, and a freeze on the conversion of dollars to gold. Despite a record one-day jump of almost 33 points in the Dow, the uncooperative AFL-CIO has ``absolutely no faith'' in the measure.
``The Pentagon Papers,'' a highly classified document detailing U.S. involvement in Vietnam, is submitted to the New York Times and The Washington Post by Defense Department official Daniel Ellsberg.

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Best Picture
French Connection, The (1971) - Philip D'Antoni

Best Actor in a Leading Role
French Connection, The (1971) - Gene Hackman

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Klute (1971) - Jane Fonda

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Last Picture Show, The (1971) - Ben Johnson (I)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Last Picture Show, The (1971) - Cloris Leachman

Best Director
French Connection, The (1971) - William Friedkin

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