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The Cast
Disturbing Images
Salvadors Art Gallery
My Serious Art
Whiz Bang
Some single panel cartoons from 1996 and 1997


On the left is an index of other things that I work on besides A Perfect World.

  • The Cast is an introduction to the "cast" of A Perfect World
  • Disturbing Images is a gallery of images that I find disturbing
  • Whiz Bang is a comic book that I used to publish. I will be posting stories from those books
  • Sears is a collection of scanned pictures and the comments they inspire from the Fall 1971 Sears catalog
  • Salvador's Art Gallery is a collection of art by my cockatiel, Salvador
  • My Serious Art is a collection of my attempts at serious artistic expression
  • A collection of single panel comics from 1996 and 1997. These were submitted for publication. Only one got published. These were drawn before I got on the internet.
  • Rants. Short essays and thoughts about a variety of topics. Just stuff I need to get off my chest. I do not expect anyone else to be interested.