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The objectives of the Perfect World awards program:

  • Recognize outstanding websites

  • Exposure to a variety of viewpoints

  • Bring viewers to my site

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, not only is it a great spaghetti western with one of the most outstanding film scores of all time, it is also an apt description of the web. Most people who know that they have produced crap have the good taste not to expose it to too many people. Others are not so sure about their sites seek the opinions of people who call themselves evaluators. Anyone can call themselves an evaluator. These evaluators help others by boosting egos, providing pointers and shielding viewers from the Bad and Ugly while promoting the Good.

Sometimes, I am amazed that strangers ask for my opinion regarding their website. I have been humbled by the quality of some the websites. "YOU are asking ME for an award!?!"

I enjoy looking at websites. I have been exposed to a variety of new ideas and viewpoints. I would not have sought these out on my own. I thank you for bringing your ideas, views, stories, art, knowledge and passions to my attention. I do not always agree but I appreciate having my horizons broadened.

I hope that my site also expands your mind or at least gives you a chuckle. After applying for an award feel free to look around. You will find funny cartoons, ugly fashions, free clip art and a picture of a cute dog and bird. If you do not have time right now, please come back.

To be fair to those folks who are passionate about keeping their site family-friendly, this site does contain material unsuitable for children under 13. A link back is not required for award winners.

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