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Family Photos


By day, I am a Staff Assistant with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University, by night I draw cartoons, paint and write. My interests include reading, watching cartoons, science fiction, building web pages, working out and traveling. I live in Bryan, Texas with Walter, Rusty and Salvador.

Walter runs an internet toy business called Robot Monster Toys. He specializes in Transformers and their parts.

Rusty is a dog of eclectic ancestry. He is ten years old. He likes to sleep, eat, go on walks and ride in the truck. After celebrating his tenth birthday, Rusty finally caught and killed a slow moving squirrel. It was a clean kill and the dead squirrel is now part of the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection.

Salvador, our cockatiel, is named after the painter Salvador Dali. He can sing several different songs and he likes to draw. His favorite songs are the Klingon attack theme from Star Trek and the closing theme of The Thin Blue Line. Be sure to check out his art gallery.