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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support this site?

Tell all you friends and enemies about this site. Visit the bookstore and buy something. If you just want to give me money: 

Can I use A Perfect World on my website or in a publication?

Not without permission. If you wish to use A Perfect World, please contact me at lac@tca.net to work out the details.

Where do you get your ideas?

I draw from pop culture, life, marriage, nature, sex, religion, science and most importantly, the cedar chest my grandmother left me.

What are your favorite comic strips?

Dilbert, Kevin and Kell, The Parking Lot is Full, The Far Side, vintage Tumbleweeds, 9 Chickweed Lane, Monty and Non Sequitur.

What do you use to create your panels?

I use mechanical pencil, ink with Sakara pens and then add color with Photoshop.

Do you have any formal training as a cartoonist?

No. I learned to draw from television and books. I did take some drawing classes for architectural drawing and scene design.

Has any of your work been published?

Yes, mostly local publications. I have been published in one national publication that no longer exists. Check out my resume for details.

How long have you been drawing?

Since I could hold a pencil. About 25 years.

Do you do paid work?

Yes, if you want to give me money for a cartoon, I will gladly accept your money and draw the cartoon.

If a panel has offended me, where do I send my complaint?

Send any comments regarding A Perfect World to lac@tca.net. I will not post any comments on the web without permission of the author. A Perfect World is hosted on a server owned by me and my husband, so complaining to our ISP would be useless. If you wish to risk public ridicule you can sign my guest book. A Perfect World is not targeted to children.

What religion are you?

Unitarian - Universalist.

Do you hate Sally Struthers?

No. It is just a joke. I am sure Ms. Struthers is a very nice person.

How did you find the value of your Sears catalog?

Visited eBay and did a search on the 1971 Sears Catalog. Then refined the search to completed auctions. When I did this search the highest amount a 1971 catalog sold for was $2.00 (US) in mint condition. My catalog was not in mint condition and it certainly is not in mint condition now that I have been tearing pages out of it. Before any of you collectible freaks get your panties in a bunch about me tearing pages out of the catalog, remember that these catalogs were used as toilet paper by frontier families. Probably not the 1971 but much earlier catalogs. God Bless Mr. Whipple!