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General Criteria:

  1. Reasonable load time
  2. Good layout. I know that not everyone is an artist but you do have eyes or you know someone who has eyes. Please use them. Turn-offs: Lack of contrast between text and background, text running over on to borders, lots of animated gifs (exception for clip art award), trailing cursors.
  3. No missing internal images or links. I do understand that you do not have any control over external links and images.
  4. Please don't require me to download a plug-in for my browser, especially Comet Cursor. I like my cursor.
  5. Keep the frames and pop-up windows to minimum.
  6. Understandable navigation
  7. No over use of Flash.
  8. Please give me a way to turn off the music. I really hate midi music. This is a major peeve. Very rarely does the music contribute to the content and I am usually listening to music while I surf and I do not appreciate the interruption. I want to be able to turn off the music quickly.
  9. Don't scare my bird.
  10. No hate, porn or MLM sites. I do not discriminate against sites devoted to non-mainstream religions. I know that Wicca, Paganism and other earth based religions do not equal Satanism. As long as your religious website does not promote violence toward other people or their property you are welcome to apply.
  11. Causing my browser to lock up or causing my computer to crash are instant disqualifiers. I have reviewed over 1500 sites and have only experienced lock up or crash 5 times. You have to work really hard to cause a crash or lock up.
  12. I do not mind reviewing sites in languages besides English. An English alternative is not required. I can muddle my way through most Latin derived languages. On a non-English language site, the question I ask is, "Can I figure out what this site is about?" I am given a hint via the descriptions on the application and that helps me out a lot. I show the site to someone who has not seen the description and ask them to figure out what the site is about, in general. A site that can successfully overcome the language barrier gains a lot of points.
  13. Only award winners will be notified
  14. Applications are reviewed three times a week.
  15. Please pay attention to which award you apply for. For example, do not choose Salvador's Award if your site is not bird related. Please choose the award most appropriate for your site. If you are not sure, choose the Sit and Entertain Me award.
  16. Information collected at this site will not be sold to third parties nor used for any other purpose than evaluating web sites for awards
  17. Do not apply if you are under 14 years of age, it's the law
  18. The main site, A Perfect World, is a comic strip that occasionally contains profanity, partial nudity and other things that may not be appropriate for viewing by children under age 13. I know that a lot of sites do not want to be linked to a site of this nature. My award images are safe for all ages and a link is optional. If you receive an award, you can display it without a link. Your site will be posted on the appropriate winners page. If you do not want your site in any way associated with A Perfect World, please do not apply.
  19. The default setting for criteria read question is no.

Evaluation process:

  • Look at the site description sent to me via e-mail. If it is an MLM, get rich quick scheme, porn, the criteria is still set at no or applying for wrong award,  the e-mail gets deleted immediately.
  • The e-mails that are left, I actually visit the site. If the site meets criteria then it gets flagged for a second look.
  • If the site makes a good impression the second time around, then it receives an award.
  • I send a notice to winners stating where they can find the link to their web site and how they can pick up their award. A link back to A Perfect World is optional.
  • About 20% of the sites that I review receive an award.

The evaluators:

It is only fair for you to know who is evaluating your website and my qualifications. I am a cartoonist and I also do desktop publishing and web design for a living. I am self taught. I have been cartooning for 5 years, DTP for 8 years and web design for 4 years. The awards reflect my interests. If you have any questions please contact me.

Salvador (see criteria number 9) is a male gray cockatiel that likes to perch in front of my monitor. He usually spends his time demanding that I scratch his head or chewing or throwing pens around. Sometimes he notices a site. If he is startled he will scream and fly away. He sometimes reacts positively to what he sees or hears on a web site.


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